Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nearly There

Still working away on the doors, but it’s taking a bit longer than expected. Only being able to varnish one side at a time is slowing the process down but I am determined not to cut corners. The doors are all assembled now and just need the final coat.

Spot the deliberate mistake.
The weather boards are mahogany. Didn’t realise until I applied the varnish and showed the grain up, too late now to worry about, they’ll probably out last the doors.
Note Sox lying with nose under the gate watching the world go by, wondering if there is any chance of a walk.
All the door furniture in place, tops up.
Tops down.
My nice wide elbow rest which has the added advantage of making the door top rigid when clamped down rather than flapping about.
And the inside, Perspex is held in by beading this time for ease of replacement, rubbed down ready for the last coat.
The ordered cable should arrive early this week along with a heavy duty crimping tool for the battery terminals. Also ordered  a job lot of red and black heat shrink tubing from RS components which should arrive on Monday.
The sheds are filling up with boxes and bags ready for start of work, I do believe Christmas has come early.

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