Monday, 24 October 2011

A Long Day

Had a full day on T-A today, now I’m looking like a boiled shrimp, after a real hot bath to sooth my aching knees. Spent all morning finishing off the battery wiring, so it was spent kneeling on the base plate. Thought about taking up religion – could have done with a hassock. Anyway enough of the sob story, the electrics are reconnected and the new battery bank is charging away, it’s been a while since we have had all the facilities on board. Still have to replace all the wiring from the distribution panel, but, yes you’ve guessed it we have a new one of those as well as a larger negative bus bar , but at least the engine hole is done.
Also got the new doors fitted but have not yet filed all the weather strips, plan to do that tomorrow if the rudder indicator delivery is early enough. High time Karen retired so she can be at home for these duties. (Only kidding dear)

Think I may apply a coat of a tinted varnish to the door frames to bring the colour up a bit but I haven’t ruled out replacing them as well.
Now the doors are fitted with 5 lever deadlocks to replace the originals. I had asked to be provided with any spare keys but Kelly said they had none, but strangely enough a few weeks before Ben boasted that he had a box with a set of keys for every boat he had built. Now who should we believe? That was the main reason for beefing up the security on the flimsy hatch cover.
If I have time tomorrow I plan to carry out a post mortem on the old doors to see if any of the wood can be reused.
Really must get round to more jobs round the house, Karen’s done all the work in the garden lately and I think another day on the GCS work boat is coming up shortly.

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