Monday, 21 November 2011

Time Flies

Must be the short days! Never mind in 30 days we will pass the shortest day and will start to look forward to spring again.
Anyway what’s been happening in this past week, well the isolation transformer arrived, nearly giving the delivery driver a hernia – I did offer to bring it in with the sack barrow but no he insisted it could be carried.
It will fit between the engine bearers when I reposition the Hurricane heater to a location where it can be accessed for servicing, to that end I have cut a piece of 6mm steel sheet to bolt on to the top of the engine bearer. To make life easier during the rewire I am thinking of draining down all the systems for winter and removing the boiler altogether.
The new bracket to bolt the steering pump onto the bulkhead is made (no more glue) as well as the new trip switch box.
For ease of access the front hinges down to get at the wiring being held closed by two allen bolts.

It is to be mounted on the cabin bulkhead below the wheel and form part of the control panel but will be recessed to avoid accidental operation, once that’s done then the rewiring can start in earnest. The bilge pump will be wired independently – not though the panel as it is now.
The frame work for the control panel is coming along and I am now starting to replace the cheap shuttering pattern with exterior grade ply. Tending to waste time running between home and boat measuring up and testing the fit, what I need is an articulated lorry with the workshop in the back.
Been into Nottingham for some ash faced ply and some ash planking that can be used to make good the removed panelling in the main cabin and wheelhouse
Fruit trees have been pruned and some right royal bonfires have been had, other than that not a lot happening. 

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