Thursday, 1 December 2011

Slowing Down for Winter

Party in Bedford last Saturday and had a great time, shame we had to leave early because of the distance. How many times have you been 49 Les???.
Still working on the control panel framework but with the weather getting colder it is taking glue and paint longer to go off, but I refuse just to assemble with screws and leave the internal woodwork with no protection at all. As it is getting made each section is getting two coats of bulkhead paint so in all as I can only paint one side at a time, with the longer drying time, it is taking four days to paint each item. Never the less I was down at T-A last Sunday trying the parts for size and bolting the brackets to the steelwork, cheating a bit as I was using some nifty self drilling/tapping bolts. Thanks to the new lighting I was at least able to get this job finished.
In the mean time I’ve not been totally idle as I’ve had a couple of days with the GCS. Firstly to return the kit to depot after the failed attempt to replace the top gates at lock 18 and scrub clearance on the towpath side of locks 13 to 15, this really is a beautiful part of the country and it has been great enjoying the outdoor life again after so many years of being stuck at a desk. Christmas shopping tomorrow but plan to drop in on the lads who will be beavering away to drop of some bits that have been in for sharpening. I’ll try and remember the camera – may even use it as an excuse to walk the dogs down there.

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