Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pottering About

Stopped blogging for a while due to getting strange comments – usually with a link to another site flogging Viagra. I have reset some security protocols on older posts which will hopefully stop this nuisance.
Despite the weather deterioration I’m still managing to get a few jobs done between work parties and Christmas parties. Been down to the boat three or four times doing a few jobs to prepare for the new control panel which is still under construction. The interior of the boat now seems to be remaining dry despite the weather, the bottom plate under the sink and in the engine bay are still dry which I am taking to be a good sign.
Popped into Nottingham and got a 6ft of 1.5 by 6 inch ash board which I am converting into mouldings to edge the control panel and wheelhouse lining.
The existing panelling which has not been rotted by water ingress is blackening around the fixing screws as they rust, using stainless steel and brass should prevent this in future. On the visit to T-A today I measured up the water pipes into the Hurricane heater in the hopes that I can turn down some mahogany to make bungs to seal the pipes during removal to try and save the coolant in the heating system when the boiler is removed prior to repositioning. Not really surprised to find that it is only held in place by the earth strap. Disconnected the engine control cable and am a bit concerned to find two wires cut and taped back at the multi pin connector but will be unable to find if anything is amiss until I fit the new engine sensors and deluxe panel. New cross member fitted in front of the control panel to stop the narrower deck board dropping into the engine bay this is to accommodate the control desk being moved back for the new wheel and trip panel – I know – I keep adding jobs but at the end of the day the plan is to end up with something that I am happy with. In my own defence, many of the jobs added are in response to problems found.

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