Sunday, 25 September 2011

Woodwork and Other Things

While I am waiting for the BMEA codes of practice to arrive there’s no point in being idle. Set to designing and making the tops for the wheelhouse doors. The plan is to reduce the height of the wheelhouse by about 5” because at the moment there is loads of headroom and to my eye it looks out of proportion and too flimsy. Also at the moment if any of the Perspex gets damaged the only way to replace it is to dismantle the framework.
Made the new door tops shorter  and slightly heavier in the wood work but the reduction in height should balance out the overall weight. These will set the height for the new wheelhouse. I also made the tops of the window with a slight arch so that they are in keeping with the style of boat and main cabin windows. At the moment the framework has only just been assembled so there is plenty more to do in the way of sanding and varnishing. Pespex ordered online from Screwfix just before starting this blog entry.
The edges are rebated to marry with the wheelhouse sides when built, you can just make it out in the photo, the reverse side (inside) is rebated to take 10mm beading to hold the Perspex. The top bar stands out by 8mm to anchor the canopy and hold it away from the woodwork. The bottom bar has a lip on the reverse which reflects the top of the door bottom so that when folded down it will provide me with a 6” wide ledge to lean on or gongoozle from. Not a single screw used in the construction so far but of course they will be used for the hinges and to hold the beading in place, Never realised how much thinking can go into a simple frame!
Spent last Thursday down at Woolsthorpe helping to tidy up the old BW depot with some other chaps from GCS, left plenty more to do for the others coming on Saturday. It’s all in preparation for a discovery day there on 9th of October, looks like there should be quite a bit happening.

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