Monday, 12 September 2011

Hopes Dashed

After all the testing the batteries were holding their charge and things were looking good but my crossed fingers did no good. I applied a small load of 4.5 amps to the six domestic batteries in turn and they soon started to flag, after two hours each was down to less than 10 volts. Not much point in taking specific gravity readings. Battery number 7 the engine battery is holding up fine as far I am aware this battery was not run to complete exhaustion. Off to Multicell in Broughton Astley near Leicester with the intention of replacing with the same make and model as I prefer a lead acid battery you can monitor. Yeah I’m an old stick in the mud, so what. Duly loaded up 6 FLA110 and got talking as you do, and it appears that they have been trying to contact Ben Harp for some time without success. Not another company he hasn’t paid – surely.
This week hasn’t been a complete waste of time, while the batteries are out I’m re-routing this mess of wires.
At least I have just spotted where I left the jack after I raised the engine.
The intention being to run through the engine bearer as on the other side, like this it’s a failure waiting to happen.
While this is going on the Battery compartment is being lined out to prevent terminals contacting the steelwork, holes being made in the floor under the fridge and the galley splash back has been removed in readiness to install the high level vent . More pictures on completion.
Back home the fridge cupboard door has been modified top and bottom to allow more ventilation.
On the family front, we had an enjoyable barbeque at brothers to see nephew Andrew off on his three year trip to New Zealand’s south island, studying and monitoring the fault line. Don’t envy him the flight.

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