Monday, 19 September 2011

Bilge Pumped Out

Down working on the boat for couple of days since the last blog entry. Cut a hole in the cupboard floor nearest the engine bulkhead and pumped out the water in the bilge as far as I could with an old Hippo pump meant for topping up the fish pond.
For cutting panels out in awkward spaces you can not beat this type of saw.
The last 8 gallons was removed by mopping and the bilge looked much drier.
We will have to see if it stays like this as there is so much rubbish down there it may have blocked the vent spaces in the floor bearers.
In the engine bay the holes through the engine bearers have been fitted with grommets, the brackets fitted which will take the box conduit to support the cables and protect them from damage when working around the engine.

The batteries have been installed in the battery box but not connected in. It has come to light that colour coding of the boat is suspect as both 12V and 240V use brown and blue as positive and negative. I can see the sense in this argument and have been trying to get it confirmed. As of yet all I have found is that ISO 10133 states that negative shall be black or yellow except if black is also used in the 240V system when it must be yellow. So it looks as though the whole boat may have to be rewired, but before ripping everything out I want to be as certain as possible. If anybody knows the appropriate legislation I can refer to please let me know.
On a lighter note – had a pleasant day out at Foxton on Sunday watching the Vikings getting beaten up by the local kiddies before a wander round the museum. Pity we couldn’t get here by water. To cap it all had a very pleasant supper with friends Tony and Les.

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