Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jobs Done - Jobs To Do

A bit more done on Trudy-Ann, the battery box has now been lined and painted, just the front to refit after the batteries are installed.
Slapped a bit of paint round the holes I have just cut to carry the main battery feeds through the engine bearers.
Not a pretty bit of painting but it’s only to protect the bare metal (Which is more than the builder could manage as any holes drilled have been just left to rust) and I just happened to have a brush handy. The bearers are in two parts so the hole has been stepped to accommodate the grommet better as the total thickness is some 16mm.
Whilst I’m down there daubing away I’m looking at this cats cradle and thinking if the jointing is anything like I have found so far I will all have to come out and be redone. Perhaps try and find out whats's what and add a few labels.
While I am at it I think I will move the central heating room sensor from the outside of the cabinet and site it in the living area. After all isn’t that where it should be?
In the galley area the splashback has been modified to vent the fridge from behind and all that is left is to seal it to the worktop.
A hole has been cut in the floor at the back of the fridge space to fit another vent space but in doing so I find at least an inch of water in the bilge sloshing about and all the while various pieces of flotsam and jetsam floating in and out of view, some of it quite large. I wonder now if it was to stop me seeing all the rubbish under the decking that no bilge access was provided.
No point in plating this hole until the water has been pumped out. Some wetness had been expected but not to this extent, if as I suspect it will be the same as far as the skylight which had been leaking right from the start until it was sheeted down, there could be up to half a tonne of water washing about under there. It confirms my thoughts that all the flooring will have to come up between bathroom and engine bulkhead. Get it dried out, Waxoyled and replace the water with fixed ballast.
Sitting there at finish of work taking a breather, enjoying the evening, before returning home I couldn’t help thinking that boating is a relaxing way of life, and some waste of space toe rag isn’t going to spoil it.
I wonder if he will show his face at Foxton this week-end?


Tom and Jan said...

Have you considered cutting out a hatch under the fridge to give better access to the bilge. My guess is it will be full of building rubbish that is preventing the airflow drying out the bilge.
I know we're going to have to clean out the bilge on Waiouru before replacing the floor.

David said...

Thanks Tom - Cracked it.
You were right about the rubbish, spray foam offcuts and sweet wrappers in the main.