Friday, 30 September 2011

It's Too Hot!

Only kidding.
Like everybody else I’m making the most of this warm spell. Been down to the boat twice since the bilge was pumped out and each time there has been another couple of gallons to remove with the mop. This must mean that the ends of the floor bearers are pretty well clogged with rubbish and the water is just seeping through. No rain to speak of lately so don’t think it is fresh. Checked under the bed at the hatch I had cut some months ago and confirmed that the hull is dry at this point but it smells a bit musty so have left the hatch off but being basically dry would indicate that there is no leak from the water tank forward. Think I’ll install a fan in the bow and duct it under the decking. I’ve got plenty of old computer case fans and will have to add that into the loom when I get round to the wiring.
I have decided the priority is to get the boat as watertight as possible before winter so am concentrating on the wheelhouse doors where most of the water comes in now, since removing the skylight. Trimmed the port door down to measurements and took it to the boat to try for size and it fits fine, just got to do the rebates for hinges and lock. Starboard door next. Door tops have been given their first coat of varnish and are looking good. Not much to show at present but I think it’s one of those times when everything will come together in a rush.
Even so I found time to visit Newark Air Museum with some old work colleagues and luckily for us the Vulcan was open for viewing – all I can say is the five aircrew must have got on well together.
Thanks Al it was a grand day out and have a long and pleasant retirement.


Bruce in Sanity said...


Loving the blog still, and I'm glad T-A is coming together, though ikt must be infuriating to have to redo so much.

When positioning the fan, just think about gas, won't you… You don't want to be blowing air from a sparky lecky motor into a pool of leaked propane!

All the best


Tom and Jan said...

Good to read you're making progress

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce

No chance of that, the gas locker is on the stern. The only things in the bow are the water tank and chain locker, hopefully the anchor chain hawse pipe will provide the fresh air.
At least when she's done I'll know where everything is and what it does.