Sunday, 27 April 2014

Turning, Tinkering and Pottering

Last Wednesday it was a case of modifying the stand-off so that it would grip the post. Not much of a job so I continued the work making the new mast. Decided to go for a band in ash half way to the cross and bored through the centre to take the TV aerial cable.
Main components
The decision has been taken to go with a Moonraker aerial from Maplin, the people who I know have it reckon it works well and is much smaller than most.
Thursday was down at T-A fitting the new stand off and this time it worked. Clamped it to the mooring post without managing to fall in but it was close at times.
Following days were assembling the mast and catching up with a few jobs round the home.
First coat of Impreg
The cable exits under the mounting arm to give a loop should it be necessary to rotate the aerial though I’m told that should not, and to prevent water ingress to the woodwork. Likewise the entry at the base which was diverted after I realised that the pivot point and cable would clash. The diversion achieved with a pocket hole jig to allow a steep upward angle.
Haven’t done any wood turning for about 15 years after we got burgled and most of my wood turning equipment disappeared with a pile of other stuff. I had forgotten how enjoyable it was to the extent I have ordered a new set of chisels and gouges, I intend to do a bit more of this.
Saturday was with the GCS again, this time tidying up around the depot and lock 16.
It was such a good turn out there was enough bodies to man the work boat ‘Centauri’ to do a waterborne clean up and check on ‘Earwig’ the dredger.
While waiting for ‘Centauri’ to get back we managed to get some practice in on ‘Duncan’ the digger
Finally today has been spent cutting the timber to make the stops and chocks to secure the mast in the tabernacle along with a bit of work in the garden. That will probably be the order of things over the next few days whilst waiting for deliveries of new toysJ

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