Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Back On The Water

Another busy few days has left me playing catch up again.
Last week was spent adding a few more bits such as the anchor,  bow fender and a new TV aerial inlet.
Also had a problem with the inverter playing up.  It turned out to be a loose crimp on the positive battery terminal. It has been on my to do list for a while as the battery leads to the inverter are the only wiring which has not been replaced. Fortunately I have all the new cable and crimp terminals ready, but it still is annoying to have faults from the original build jump up and bite me on the bum.
Been a busy week on the Grantham Canal front as well. Had a litter pick on the canal side at Gamston last Wednesday and managed to recover half a dozen bags of crap and a metal pram frame.
We really should take life more seriously.
On Sunday and Monday it was an odd few hours helping out with the trip boat running from Harlaxton wharf. Thoroughly enjoyable and raised more funds for the society.
Nobody is safe –(Punter)” I can’t go I’ve got my dog with me” (GCS)” That’s all right we’ll mind it free of charge” – Another ticket sold. More trips planned for future bank holiday week-ends as they seem to be very popular.
Otherwise it has been in the workshop turning down a new mast on the lathe. Unfortunately it is having to be made in two parts(Well four if you count the cross tree) and I’m trying to decide whether to try and hide the join or make a feature of it by inserting an ash band. Still got to bore out the centre to take the cable for the TV aerial. Pictures next time.
Today it was back in the water with T-A and round to the mooring without any scratchesJ thanks to some help by Garry and Wayne fending off.
Only problem was that the new stand off didn’t fit. I now find out that the posts out to moor the bow to are a smaller diameter than the posts on the pontoons. Burgher.
At least the strap  can be shortened easier than if it had to be lengthened.

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