Saturday, 5 April 2014

Things Progress

Plenty of tail chasing going on at the moment.
Firstly the old camera appears to be terminal and has been fixed with a new one. Gone for a little Lumix this time as the old Fuji crossover was really too bulky to take out on work parties etcetera. This one sits nicely in the pocket and is less likely to get wet.
The clamps are off the new gas locker lid and it is taking shape nicely
It's just two pieces of sapele coffin board joined with dominoes and the laminated edge that was hidden by clamps last time.
Trudy-Ann has had its last coat of gloss which has been brush painted on, and she is looking a treat. Wheelhouse is back on and windows and other things are being fitted. Had to smile as anybody working where the new paintwork is were just in their socks to ensure no marks were left. Today the signage is being painted on and we will have a name on the bow as well as stern when she comes out of the paint shop on Monday after a final blacking to finish things off.
Next week promises to be another hectic time as we will be on hard standing for a few days before being slipped and return to our mooring. The delay is so to give us time to clear out the dust sheets and finish replacing all those little bits and pieces removed for the paint shop. Not least it will give time to make a standoff bar to stop this snazzy new paint job rubbing against the mooring post. She’s looking like a boat to be proud of and we want it to stay that way.
On the home front Karen has been busy after work in the garden and
the greenhouse but is catching up after all the poor weather.
Out with the Grantham Canal lads only the once just lately. Down at Woolsthorpe tidying the depot and playing with Duncan the digger.
Apart from being a useful tool it has the same control setup as the 360 on Mudlark so it also a useful training tool.
Things are progressing on all fronts at the moment – I just hope I can keep up.

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Tom and Jan said...

Looks nice David. Are you having the builders name on the stern

D & K Cross :-)