Friday, 27 January 2012

Droopy Lock and Wiring

Over to T-A on Wednesday for a short day to finish installing the conduit for the un-fused 12V supply to the trip switches and bilge pump and a general tidy up.
Thursday was another day out with the GCS scrub clearing round lock 14. This is the worst lock in the flight and somehow I think it will need a bit more than pointing up.
Hard work but still a good laugh with the motley crew
Ian wasn’t having much fun as a twisted fire starter. That fire just would not go.
On the boat again today and at long last we have power to the new trip panel and the bilge pump is wired so I can isolate the batteries on departure but the pump will still operate. Removed more of the panelling on the kitchen/wheelhouse bulkhead ready to replace the wiring.
Now what was the ruling about supporting cables?
Until I found this hole and fitted a grommet all the weight was resting on a cut metal edge. Another example of bung it in and cover it up. The new hole will take the conduit for the 240V supply.
New ducting being installed to carry the 12V but only as far as each gunwale where it will pick up the existing cable run(I hope). Not too worried about the spray foam as it is not an outside surface and the other side is getting a layer of soundproofing.
Progress seems to be slow at the moment but then I’m on a steep learning curve. Think it over, check the regs, measure it up, try and imagine the alternatives, how will it react on the next part of the build, check the regs again and think a bit more. Thirsty work this – time for a pint.

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