Friday, 3 February 2012

Wooden Cobwebs

Must be getting to be a wimp in my old age. Decided it was too cold to work on the boat this week with the heating removed.
To ease my conscience I have been working on the new control panel, considering the old one was a complete waste of space.
It sloped all the way down so you couldn’t place a map or cup on it and expect it to stay there, the panel was so far forward you couldn’t read the engine hours without a struggle.
The new panel is much smaller and far more busy, but of course that means more holes.
This is the MkII after not being happy with the original after cutting it out.
It will be sloped back at a greater angle and be backed by a substantial well shelf with storage under for all those bits you need to keep handy.

Bits have just been placed in to see if they fit, but bilge switch still to go in on top left and waiting on the delivery of some more switch parts from Vehicle Wiring Products to complete bottom left. Liked these because they have the appropriate symbol on each switch which lights up when on.
GCS work party with the Waterways Recovery Group on Sunday which should be interesting but rather glad I’m not doing the Saturday with this weather.

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