Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The main task this week seems to keep warm. The best day must surely have been last Sunday. Out with the GCS/WRG workparty cutting back the undergrowth in the channel between locks 9 and 10. It looked like the young trees had been cut back several years ago and had in effect coppiced them meaning that there were large roots but nothing substantial to fix the puller to.

A good chunk of the work had been done by the team on Saturday and we were just adding to it.

We were surrounded by robins presumably because the fires had melted the snow to allow them to find food. Must have been doing all right as they weren’t bothered about offered sandwich crusts. It was a glorious day out in the sunshine, even got a bit of a sweat on and ended up sliding down the embankment on my backside.
Sox went absolutely bananas on discovering the snow, it’s the first he has seen, running round, pouncing on it, ploughing it with his nose. Must be the husky part of him, even old Brock joined him for a romp.

As for boaty business.
The switch parts turned up from Vehicle wiring products as promised and a quick trip down to T-A to offer up the cut out panel and recover the switch for the bilge pump which is temporarily wired in through the trip panel. All looking good so reinforcing ribs and edging added

Once again parts just placed in and edges to trim up before more varnish being applied. Lead wires will have to be added before the fuel gauges are fitted as once in place the terminal screws cannot be accessed  and the gauges are stuck in rather than screwed in.

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