Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Recovering from Christmas

Well, all the Christmas gatherings are over and done with, it’s been a good year but if I see any more turkey in the next week or two I shall scream. On the last day of 2011 a group of old farts including myself went to see Leicester signalling Centre. We had been there at the start in 1986 when this took over from the old manual signalboxes between Sharnbrook and Kegworth on the midland main line. As of midnight Leicester was to be superseded by the new signalling centre in Derby which will eventually control all movements in the east midlands.
Meanwhile back in the shed work is progressing slowly. The framework for the control panel has been made and the off side has been adapted to take a radio with a slot for an i-pod.
The plan being that the radio can be operated from the main cabin or the wheelhouse and by use of the front/rear balance it can be used in either the boat or wheelhouse or both, depending on  who wants to do what. The round hole will take the morse control. This has now been installed on T-A
The control panel looks as though it may be a bit crowded with the extra instrumentation so I have drawn all the parts to scale in Microsoft Visio so it can be rearranged and shuffled about before actually cutting wood.

Lots of options but it makes life so much easier and I’m all for that.
Happy new year all.

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