Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mystery Weekend

Had a break from Trudy at the weekend and went scrub clearing with the Grantham Canal Society around locks 12 and 15 in the Woolsthorpe flight. Saturday went really well, in fact so well that all the planned work was nearly completed in one day. This was in no small part due to help from some of the Waterways Recovery Group ( volunteers that turned out for us. No photo’s for Saturday as I never thought to take the camera. Pity really as before and after pictures would have told the tale. Sunday saw us split into three parties with one down to the locks to finish off and the other two clearing our Knipton feeder. Barbara from WRG providing tea and chocolate cake, magic.
In the afternoon Al (on the right in the photo) managed to get stuck in the mud, but with a bit of help he was dragged out minus boots. Ian the work party leader retrieved one welly but of the other there was no sign, A few of us fished about with rakes and Ian vowed to find the stray – but to no avail, there was absolutely no welly to be found, another of the mysterious tales that surround the canals of Britain. Al was forced to return to the cars mono-boot helped by Mary. It started to rain soon after so seemed like a good time to call a halt.
It is my theory that Al’s welly has been pushed too deep and is slowly sinking through the earth, so if any of our readers from down under hear of the strange appearance of a size 11 wellington boot for the right foot, please return to Al c/o Grantham Canal Society (details on the web site
A brilliant weekend and a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done – who says the over fifties don’t know how to have fun.
Happy days

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