Monday, 28 January 2013

Light Duties

I think this is the first time I’ve had the beginnings of boredom since I retired. What with the weather and the fact that I fell on the ice in the first week of snow and wrenched my left shoulder. Have now got full mobility back but still painful when lifting above head height.
In desperation I have had to resort to laying new flooring in the kitchen and repainting the bathroom.
The bench planer is still unserviceable but Lumaco say the circuit board is repairable but they are having to wait for an unusually small 240v relay which I presume is coming from China, so the skylight is still on hold.
In the meantime it’s back down to T-A to refit the radiator in the bedroom and bathroom towel rail. Looking at the wall brackets for the radiators I’m not too confident about the security, they are just held up by a No.8 screw and a square nut for a washer into just 12mm of ply. Another case of ‘You won’t see it once it’s in place’
To make me happier the screws have been replaced by insert nuts and bolts.
Looks like  the radiator in the lounge will have to come off as well because the fixings appear to be the same.
Back in the shed and it has just been timber cutting from stock. Length of 3”x4” of sapele cut from 3” board to form mast but I still need to plane it. Looked at hiring but it seems that the only items up for hire are hand planers and looking at prices if you hire for a week it costs the same as buying a cheap one so heaven knows how much to hire something larger.
Ah well! Better not complain too much or Karen is likely to find me plenty of jobs.J


Tom and Jan said...

It makes you wonder just how much more "chummy" left you to fix? He must have known you'd get bored without him :-)

David said...

Can't be too many more now- there's not a lot of places left to look - Each one sorted is one less to do. Then I'll be looking for a restoration project.