Saturday, 9 February 2013

Some Progress

Several things have been slowing work of late, not least of all the weather. Down on T-A the lounge radiator has been removed and new mounts installed but while the radiator is off I want to give the wall a proper coat of varnish. Trouble is that with no heating to speak of the boat feels cold and damp and I have doubts about applying any sort of coating. With that in mind a dehumidifier has been set up on a timer to run 6 hours a day so hopefully as soon as the weather improves I can be down there paintbrush in hand.
Back in the workshop, in desperation I have wired the planer motor in without the soft start circuit. Apart from a rather sickening screech on start up it seems to run OK. Just hope it holds together until the repaired circuit comes back.
Anyway, the last few pieces of skylight framework have been planed up, routed out, put together  and fitted using dowels, pocket screws after being glued.
This time there will be four opening sections, each having a gutter at the top and a raised bead around the opening.
Still plenty of sanding to do.
Ridge bar just placed on to check dimensions. The shuts will be hinged to this once it is finally shaped and fixed down.
Next job is to cut and plane the timber for the shuts, if the planer holds out. If not then I Have my eye on a DeWalt DW733 – not quite as big but should be big enough.

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