Sunday, 13 January 2013

Down Time

The bench planer packed up on Wednesday which was a pain. Just as I started to plane up the new timber the machine decided it was going to shut down. It started up OK but every time it reached operating speed it shut down again. A quick dismantling session showed that the circuit board for the soft start had fried.
Joined to Get Woodworking forum to try and find a solution and sure enough like all good forums a suggestion was soon forthcoming. So now the circuit board is in the hands of Lumaco in the hopes it can be repaired or replaced. If that is unsuccessful then I’ll try wiring the switch directly to the motor but I have doubts about being able to overcome the inertia of not only the motor but the drive rollers and cutting cylinder without continually blowing the fuse in the plug or doing other damage.
Two of the four shut frames have been made for the skylight but now I’m out of planed timber, so looking for other work to do routed out the bottom lip on the skylight frame to make a weather tight seal.
On Saturday went down with Karen to try the framework for size. Good job we did as it was fine for width but 3mm short for length. While we were in the Loughborough area Karen took me over to Screwfix to buy me an early birthday present – a nice new router to add to the collection on the grounds that I might as well have it now if I can use it.
Tried it out today trimming up the lip on the framework and it works just fine

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