Friday, 10 July 2009

Fortnightly Fix

Down to the boat again this Friday to get our regular boaty fix. A lot of changes have taken place again. New shelves in the kitchen with microwave fitted and there's a belfast sink under the units ready to go in. Still only temporary windows but the proper ones should be delivered shortly. Windows and vents will be chrome finish to save on the polishing lark. Yeah, I know we're wimps, but brass has to be polished regularly to look good and we believe in trying to make life easy for ourselves.
Looking forward through the bathroom and the wenge top is on the bathroom sink stand with a new cabinet above. Bed base with cupboard under and another cupboard under the forward hatch. No shortage of storage here.
Dresser unit in the bedroom. We were a bit worried that the bed base was going to be too small, but usual story, Ben and Mick have got it all sorted and we will have a full 4'6" most of the way down. Don't know why we worry sometimes, the lads are always one step ahead of us.

Shower cubicle waiting for plumbing, Ben asked what tiles we would like which floored us - hadn't given that one a thought, but after talking about it on the way home we think we will go for plain white with a dividing line of tiles with a diamond motif to continue Bens diamond theme.

Finally remembered to take a couple of photo's of the wheelhouse hinges. They dont look much but have caused a few headaches. In the wheelhouse up position. The rear third will go down with the back window, which when raised will give a rigid 'C' section. Thats the theory anyhow. The front window will be of similar construction.

Open or wheelhouse down.
Looks a bit of a mess, should have cleaned up more after filing the holes out.

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