Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wheelhouse takes shape

Haven't been able to get down to the boat for over two weeks due to that thing called work getting in the way, but Ben and Mike have been beavering away. The wheelhouse frames have been completed in sapele. Ben popped the parts into position so I could see how they would all fit into place and he was able to show the side hinges in operation. As you can see they lie tight into the side as planned. Boy oh boy am I chuffed to bits, there had been quite a lot of concern at the beginning that my bright idea would not work and I think even Ben had a few reservations before the hinges were in place. Thankfuly he had enough faith in me to carry on with the plan .
And now see how she looks with all the pieces clamped into place, Ben has hinged the top of the door so it folds outwards to collapse. This means that there is nothing to remove apart from the cover so no frantic stowing of loose bits if the top needs to come down.
I had intended to make a template for the mattress to take to the bedding company but the bedroom was full of dog box. This is also being made in sapele but is being lined with ash to match the saloon interior.

The sink is now in place and the hob is waiting to be fitted and it looks like all cupboard doors and hatch linings have been completed. Windows will not be fitted until the hull is painted which will be in about three weeks time.
When I left yesterday the lads were preparing to varnish the wheelhouse woodwork, with the boat being moved down to Anglo Welsh yard to have the engine fitted today. Completion planned for the end of August is looking good. Only 5 weeks to go.

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