Sunday, 28 June 2009

Work in progress

Back down to Great Haywood yesterday to meet up with Ben and it's definitely work in progress. So much has developed since the last visit. I was amazed to see that the oven is already in and the wenge wood work top has been fitted, just needs the cutouts for the hob and Belfast sink. Ben tells us that it is a horrendously hard wood and it sounds like it's great for blunting router bits. Eee but it looks grand lad. Talked over the lounge area layout, and, because we've lost space by having a longer wheelhouse have decided to abandon the stove idea to make more room and are looking for a beefier heating system to compensate.
With the cover off the roof opening for the skylight (Surely it's too big to call it a dog box) the interior looks realy light and airy. This is the view from the bathroom door looking towards the wheelhouse. Ben says he will be building in a curved corner unit by the steps down which will house the microwave amongst other things.
Even on Saturday afternoon Ben and Mick were beavering away to keep up with work. It sounds like thery have plenty of jobs in the pipeline, which has got to be a good sign in these times. The stand for the wash basin in the bathroom is being made to match the cupboard in the lounge and its a marvel to see the work that goes into each piece.

In the bedroom the bed base is in covering the bow thruster and poo tank, ( So if it leaks we'll be the first to know about it) but there's still room for drawers underneath.

Done it again - so busy drooling over the interior forgot to take a picture of the wheelhouse hinges. Ah well there's always next time. Finished of the day with a cuppa at the cafe at Haywood lock and did a bit of gongoozling. Dream on - back to earth with a bump and off to work for a 12 hr night shift.

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