Saturday, 16 May 2009

Coming On

Bluewater again yesterday, and there has been more progress. The last photo's taken are on Ben's website from last Friday show main cabin on, but now the wheelhouse is up and the windows and hatches have been cut out. My worries about the wheelhouse sides to take the handrail cum hinge that I have designed are just perfect but no mounting lugs fitted yet so I cant take measurements for the final drawing. Once again I think I've been lucky finding the right man (or should that be person these days) in contacting Mick at TR fabrications in Nottingham who can make the hinges, which will be 5ft long and leave an exposed handrail with either the wheelhouse up or down, in stainless steel.
Still plenty of work to do though, and David at Bluewater thinks he will have to send the handrail mounts away for drilling to 27mm to accept the handrail. Offered to do it at my workshop at home as I have facilities here if he could provide the steel, but he reckoned he'd got it covered. Even so looking at the work still to be done considering it was Friday afternoon and there was still plenty of seam welding to be done, dog box to cut out, bollards and gas locker to make plus the hatch frames and rudder to fit before it can be shot blasted and painted. I think the delivery date of next Wednesday is highly optimistic, but at the end of the day I'm not complaining as the care and attention to detail is second to none.
Tried to take a few photo's while we were there but the camera started acting up. B***er.
Karen took some shots on her phone but I cant get them to upload to the computer. Double B***er.

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