Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Quick visit

Back down to Bluewater again yesterday to meet up with David and Ben as there seemed to be a problem developing over delivery dates and work to be done, but on arrival I find all problems have been sorted and delivery date has been moved back to next Tuesday after the bank holiday. My fault I suppose wanting this big fancy wheelhouse has made a lot more work than expected. Ben appreciates the extra work and has ageed the later delivery date. David is putting as many people on the job as he can fit round the wheelhouse, and I'm still going to get a cracking boat that hasn't been spoilt by rushing it. Thanks chaps!

Work on the forward hatch.
Work on the wheelhouse seats

Two views of the extra large gas locker which will take a dustbin as well as two bottles and collapsable bottle cart. Side hatch on the bottom shot looks complete. There certainly has been some work going on since last Friday.

Rogues gallery - Ben and David all smiles after problems sorted. Perfectionists hard at work!

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