Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Trip Diary (Part 2)

Saturday 27th Septmber
Huddlesford to Branston Water Park. A longer day than planned. Slow run back to Fradley  where we stopped off for water before the swing bridge. Back onto the T&M and making better headway stopping for lunch at Alrewas and to give the dogs a break. Carried on to Branston Water Park but this may not have been a wise move after seeing all the rabbits and squirrels running around. This means the dogs will not be allowed to run free.
11 Miles  9 Locks
The obligatory photo.
Sunday 28th September
Branston Water Park to bridge 24A.
Plenty of boats moving today, even had two pass before 07:00. Had a lazy start and set off about 11:00. The last two narrow locks negotiated with ease as boats coming through in the opposite direction, not much traffic going our way. Presumably it’s hire boats and people having to get back for start of work on Monday Stopped off at Stretton bridge 29A for some fresh supplies. Another rural setting tonight in earshot of the railway but nothing to be seen.
7 Miles 2 Locks

Tonight’s mooring
Monday 29th September
Bridge 24AWillington to Aston lock
Fairly early start due to weather forecast being a bit  uncertain for the afternoon. Stopped off at Stenson to exercise the dogs and met up with a lovely couple on an old (1928 I think she said) ex working boat called Mecca. Shared the next three locks with them, planning to stop in the next pound down but ended mooring  just above Aston lock as we could not get anywhere near to the side.
11 Miles 3 Locks
Tuesday 30th September
Aston lock to Zouch. Once again we were luck with locking partners all the way to Kegworth Deep lock on Water Vole. Only Zouch lock was negotiated on our own. It’s amazing how good company can speed up and make the journey even more enjoyable. Passing a boat on the Soar above Kegworth Deep got a call from the lady on board that she follows the blog. Well, I was so gob smacked I forgot to make a note of the boat name – Sorry.
We have had so much glorious weather on this trip that it looks like we will be home two days early. Had a couple of days built in to allow for days not fit to travel (Us being fair weather boaters) but none have been needed. The slow cooker has been on all today so it is stew tonight. Had been planning on a pub meal on the way back but early running has put paid to that. But there is always tomorrow.
11 Miles  7 locks (Not counting 4 open flood Locks)
Wednesday 1st October
Back to Pillings a day earlier than planned. Had thought about a stop over at Zouch but the black water tank has decided otherwise. Gauge shows empty but tank is definitely full. The gauge has never been reliable and I suspect the original wiring configuration may be the cause of its failure.
Pump out and back to our mooring for lunch. Load up dogs and washing before getting away home.
Thursday 2nd October
Catching up with the gardening, things are still growing well with all this fine weather.
Since then it has been a case of doing a bit more woodwork and more catching up in the garden.
Today and from now on it will be going like the clappers with everybody else trying to Help Tony and Rosemary set up for the Grantham Canal Society Discovery Day at Woolsthorpe depot behind the Rutland Arms (Dirty Duck) pub on  Sunday 12th October. Lots to see and do  see website for details
Book your duck for the famed duck race.

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Caroline and Martin said...

that was me that said I read your blog, it's always good to say hello. We were on a Napton hire boat going in the opposite direction, and yes it was glorious weather on the river wasn't it, we made up 4 days on our holiday so we spent the second week relaxing on the Ashby Canal, I still need to update our blog, Caroline