Thursday, 2 October 2014


Well I’m playing catch up again. Since the last entry some more work has been done on the new door tops but not a lot.
The new design incorporates an outward sloping surface with raised ends to ensure rain is kept to the outside.
When up the top has alip which stands proud to run off any water from above.
Still lots more work to do but you get the general idea.
Popped out to Hickling to see what remained of the base for the information board and found it to be rotted so will need replacing also. While out that way I popped into Bassingfield for some timber to convert the old gas storage(We had 4x47Kg bottles for the heating before mains gas arrived in the village) into a paint store to free up more space in the sheds.
In between bouts of woodwork and gardening there have been work parties happening on the Grantham Canal around lock 17 at Woolsthorpe which has started leaking into the lock keepers cottage garden if left full. First job was to clear the access from an adjacent field to allow us to get equipment and plant in.
Next clear off the slime off the brickwork to see what was what,
 and it would seem there is a lot of re-pointing to be done
I have since heard that the mortar is badly degraded and the wing walls may need some serious work.
On top of all this T-A has had her first 250 hour service. Yep she is 5 years old but not seen much use. Owing to the lapsed time all filters and oil replaced and everything given a good going over. Got a trip planned and we don’t want too many problems do weJ
Following days spent loading up and getting ready for the off.

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Tom and Jan said...

250 hours? We've just passed 1500!