Saturday, 5 July 2014

Slowing Down

With the completion of the work on Trudy-Ann getting so close I have found myself trying to rush things so it seemed like a good idea to back off and concentrate on doing the best job I can. With that in mind work has stopped on T-A for the moment but the driveway gates are up at last
and the old ones are now firewood.
Karen had a week off work coming up so we decided it was a good time to try the boat out, intending to set out on the Friday for a trip to Newark and back but that idea was soon kicked into touch because of rain. Us being the fair weather boaters that we are. Stopped in the marina until the following morning and headed north to Devils Elbow because Karen was wanting to get some wax on the new paintwork
If we are busy the dogs are left on board to stop them wandering off when we’re not looking but they like to keep tabs on what we are up to
The following morning (Sunday) it was off again towards Nottingham through Trent junction
Making sure we were out of the way of the local speed merchant.
It started raining again so we called a halt at the mooring after Beeston lock. Amused by a swan that appeared to have taken exception to the fenders on the narrowboat opposite.
Anyway I’ll have to finish this tale later as it is time to disappear for another GCS work party.


Tom and Jan said...

The gates look nice. When Karen is a professional at the boat polishing she can visit us!

David said...

I'll let you put that suggestion to Karen Tom :-)