Sunday, 22 June 2014

Getting Through The Task List

Still chasing my tail. Every job sorted seems to make one job more. The new pedestal for the toilet has been made in oak to match the floor
But while I was at it, it seemed sensible to move the toilet as I was fed up of sitting with my nose against the shower cubicle.
Still got to be finished off but you get the idea. It actually takes up less space but gives the feeling of more elbow room. In this position there is more room behind the toilet so I was able to replace the copper single step plumbing reducer with a tapered reducer from Vetus which hopefully will reduce any back pressure. Either way it can’t do any harm.
The gang plank was showing signs of going rusty so it was brought home and rubbed down before a good coating of silver Hammerite.
When the covers were taken off the self tapping screws were also found to be going rusty so all the holes were re-drilled and tapped.
Brass machine screws now hold down the tops.
Also been doing a few bits of panelling on the control desk which is now nearly complete.
The seat lockers in the wheelhouse have now got new ash faced tops. Once again made more jobs by deciding it was a good time to paint the inside of the lockers and line them with rubber sheet that I had left over from the step treads down from the wheelhouse to galley. While I was at it also made some rubber liners for the roof bars to protect the new paintwork from getting scratched J
The new paintwork is starting to look grubby already do gave it a quick wash down but it is ready for a good polish to stop the muck sticking.
New water filler cap fitted so the fore deck is fully watertight again.
At home the new driveway gates still haven’t been fitted but have had six coats of paint applied and are ready to hang. Held up a bit by the drizzly weather we were having last week, seems a long time ago now.  Looking at the old hinges it was decided to get a complete set of new gate furniture as heaven knows how old it is.
Out at an old colleagues retirement party in Nottingham last night and felt obliged to point out how much hard work is involved in this retirement lark.

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Tom and Jan said...

Polishing paintwork seems to be a never ending task!
But TA is looking nice....