Saturday, 16 November 2013

Those Bits and Pieces

There has not been a lot to make notes about lately. It has all been bits and bobs generally getting ready for winter around the home and garden, with the odd day down at Woolsthorpe with the GCS. The birds still don’t seem to be using the feeder yet. I hope it’s just because there are plenty of  berries and seeds about and not because I’ve not got the design wrong.
In the garden the hazel and cob nut bushes are in the process of being pruned but there are so many off cuts that I need to have a bonfire before I can cut any more and there are still the fruit trees to do as well once the last of the apples and pears are off.
Otherwise around the home it has been a case of tidying up the sheds, as over the year they have become very disorganised and cluttered.
Found a good use for T-A’s old floorboards though.
Toasting forks and crumpets at the ready.
Also went down the local scrap yard to weigh in all the old cable that had been removed from T-A. Didn’t get much though, copper has dropped from £4 to £2.50 a kilo –ah well at least I won’t keep tripping over it now.
Work on the wheelhouse is slow because by its very nature it is a series of small panels in different directions and angles, especially with me adding extras  such as drink shelves for the rear seat passengers and speakers for the radio.
On top of that there has been plenty of checking going on getting ready for the BSS on December 3rd.
Fingers crossed that I haven’t dropped too many clangers J

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