Friday, 25 October 2013

Blooming Weather

Well the weather over the past week doesn’t seem to have been up to much. At one stage I even resorted to housework to relive the boredom. Otherwise time has been spent in the shed making up a few bits and pieces as it has been far too wet to get many jobs done in the garden. Looking for a few dry days to give the grass its final cut of the year and burn off some cuttings.
A couple of visits to T-A just to see everything is OK and take a few measurements for the wheelhouse panelling. Some time has been spent updating the owners manual, just in case it is needed for the BSS due in December. Yep she’s 4 years old in December and still only clocked up 200 engine hours. Methinks that may change dramatically over the years to come.
Down at Woolsthorpe depot with the GCS yesterday putting up the new bird feeder
While the rest of the lads were trying to burn off the straw put down for the discovery day
Good job I was up wind.

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