Monday, 27 April 2009

Taking shape

Down to Bluewater again last Friday and were amazed at how
much had happened since our last visit.
Base plate down and hull sides up, already the sweep up to the bow is showing.

Watching the lads at work is really impressive. David showed us round pointing out that the bow thruster tube, bow tank and fuel tanks were already in position but at the moment I can't get in to take a snap. Took quite a few photo's but was so excited that most came out rather fuzzy. We're here !!!!! The dreams finally taking shape, and is that back end sexy.
Help what am I doing wrong? That photo of the stern should have appeared here. Any photo's I upload seen to pop to the top of the page like bubbles.
Took the dogs down to the marina to see how they cope with the floating pontoons, successful, still quite a bit of nervous on the finger moorings but everybody came away dry which has got to be a result.

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Debbie & Bill said...

I have the same trouble with the photos. Whatever you upload seems to appear at the very top, and the window you write in isn't big enough to really see what you are doing.

I find it easier to type all the text first, then upload the photos one at a time and put them where you want them. Takes a bit of jiggling though!