Sunday, 11 January 2015

Time Off

Happy new year all!
Plenty doing on at the moment with the Grantham canal, which is where I think I may be for quite some time over this spring. The new weed boat is hoped to be up and running shortly so it can be used before the nesting season starts and plenty more self set trees and bushes to remove between towpath and canal.
Looks like the lottery funding has come through and there is over £800,000 in the pot to restore the next two locks from Woolsthorpe (14 & 15) and do some preparatory work on the next two needing restoration. As I understand it one of the provisos is that volunteers are encouraged to train on various aspects of the construction, so if you want to learn how to drive a dumper , work a digger or lay bricks etc. come along and join us.
Trudy-Ann is as ready as she will ever be. There will always be little tweaks or adjustments to be made, just like any home.
The initial reason for this blog was to celebrate the building of a new boat and our excitement as it developed.
Unfortunately it turned into a warning about the cowboy that fitted it out, but from then on it also turned into a record of the rebuild and the pleasure in seeing things come together.
I may use this blog as a record of our cruises but there will not be any major trips until Karen gets to retire which hopefully won’t be too far in the future but as it stands the main reason for this record is over so don’t expect too many entries in the near future.
Safe cruising folks.


Tom and Jan said...

I do hope you will continue to blog about the further improvements to T-A.
Karen looks far too young to think of retirement! :-)

Canalman said...

I am very sad you not continuing to blog as I enjoyed finding out what is happing on the Grantham Canal.

David said...

Thanks for the comments.
Tom - Daren't tell Karen - it would go to her head :-)
Canalman - go to
and request the e-news letter 'Bridge' to keep in the picture. 2015 looks to be a busy year for the society.