Sunday, 31 August 2014

It's All Go At The Mo

Tuesday was spent vainly trying to catch up with some of the jobs around the house and garden.
Wednesday morning doing the regular trip to the butchers and into Melton for a restock on dog food and household stuff. In the afternoon disappeared into the workshop cutting timber for the wheelhouse door tops. Not been to Market Harborough just yet, working on the principal that when I run out of wood completely I’ll have a better idea of what I need. At the moment I’m recovering odd bits of usable timber from under the benches.
Work party with GCS on Thursday surveying the self sets. For my part walked from lock 16 to Casthorpe bridge (Br 64). Plenty of work to do here as we have the go ahead from CRT to remove all the self sets and scrub between the towpath and canal over autumn and winter. Most of the sets are young ash, sycamore or willow, not very big but just too big to pull out by hand.
Friday. Working on the new wheelhouse door tops and popped over to Screwfix for some new hinges and the like. Trying to get a outward sloping angle so that water will drain from between the top and bottom sections. This is proving to be a pain. If it was just a case of running it through the saw it would be no problem but the bottom section is raised at each end so it must be cut by hand. I’ll post a picture when the hinges are fitted and both parts can be seen together which should make more sense.
Out with the GCS again on Saturday, tidying up the depot and then joining the work parties out at Casthorpe bridge doing the preparatory work ready to start sapling removal in earnest as soon as we pass the official autumn threshold (Sept.1)
Clearing out the yard this morning (I seem to have been making a lot of sawdust just lately) and splitting a few logs ready for firewood. In the afternoon it was over to Newark for the CRT open day at their dry dock.
Good to see these gates are well watertight.
It is the bow – honest!
Thoroughly interesting and well worth a visit. Dropped off to have a look at the work CRT are doing, repairing the lock chamber at lock 11 near Cropwell Bishop.
Pointing up
And replacing brickwork as required.
It’s great to see.

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