Monday, 4 March 2013

Party On Down

Seems to have been nothing but parties over the past couple of weeks.
Firstly it was a trip out to see lock 14 dewatered on the Grantham Canal as part of the survey for the proposed restoration of locks 14 &15.
Even auntie Beeb came to see.
Then down to Kettering for a lovely meal with some of our (very J) old friends at Franks. [ducks quickly]. Followed a few days later with a very nice joint birthday celebration dinner with brother.
Work party last Friday and there were boats flying everywhere.
Mudlark the new dregger taken to Denton wharf and launched
Centauri out for inspection, seemed a good idea while we had the crane.
No problems found even though she is an old girl.
Three Shires  out and returned to Woolsthorpe for blacking and general repairs
Another work party today saw Three Shires hull cleaned down and blacked. Fenders off for treating and prop removed for repair.
On the skylight front progress is slow but progress none the less. Shuts are about finished and I now have the double glazing units ready to fit. The glass fits beautifully flush with just a 1mm gap all round for sealant so I am really pleased with that. The only problem at the moment is that I decided to go for bar top or dovetail hinges to mount the safety bars over the glass. (The idea being that the bars could be raised for cleaning but held securely in place.) The rebates for this type of hinge is a lot more complex that the norm so is taking a lot longer to do.
On the home front Karen is getting plenty of seeds going in the kitchen and greenhouse and she tells me we need a new cold frame. The rotavator has been set up and serviced ready to go. Compost has been spread and this year I’m experimenting with using sawdust and wood shavings as compost also, got to get rid of it somehow as there seems to be an awful lot.

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Tom and Jan said...

you should have fitted a composting toilet to T-A then you'd have plenty to spread on the garden :-)